Bad brokers

Bad brokers are everywhere

Like every other business, transport, freight and trucking companies also have to encounter bad brokers, frauds, debtors, and cheaters. It has happened before and it can happen again. The key to tackling situations like these is to hire Transportation Carrier debt collection services. Being professional freight debt collector, we offer a dizzying array of logistics debt recovery solutions.

Transportation and freight companies have been a target of bad brokers for a long time. There could be many reasons why debtors hold up money. Dishonesty, criminal habits, financial instability and increase in licensing rates can tempt frauds to run away with money. There are many carrier service professionals who have had to go through this ordeal.

Why should you choose our transport debt collection services?

Do not be misled by thinking that you have no chance in getting your money back from the debtor.

Silver Shield Capital provides a myriad of solutions for transport debt collections. There are many ways by which we can retrieve the unpaid debt. We have a long-term experience and our real-world freight debt collection strategies have proven to be successful. We know how the system works and how bad brokers can be reached. Our services follow the federal and state laws. Therefore, you can count on us and relieve yourself from the stress.

 A brief overview of how Silver Shield Capital works

If you need a quick turnaround on your receivables, our promising services can help you. We put up a constant fight and improvise our freight debt collection strategies until we get our hands on it. Here is a brief overview of how we work.

  1. The first step is to analyze the situation. We focus on learning every detail about bad brokers. We attempt to figure out the possible reasons due to which the broker or debtor is holding up the money.
  2. In the next step, we discuss all the potential solutions which would be effective against the broker. If one method does not work, we have several other plans prepared.
  3. The third step is the efficient implementation of the plan.

We tailor our solutions to meet the demands of every situation. Our compelling approach is result oriented and our expertise ascertains the high rate of success. We also offer free consultation services. Silver Shield Capital is always ready to help you get your money back!

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