Broker not paying drivers

Broker not paying drivers

If you are facing a broker refusing to pay, you may think that collecting the money from them is going to be difficult. This is because chasing down freight deadbeats and a broker not paying drivers means endless phone calls, trying to make deals, and for many giving up because the effort is cutting into your business.

However, freight collections can be easier than you think if you employ the right people to do the job. By hiring a freight debt collection firm that specializes in freight deadbeats, you may find yourself with the money owed faster than you might believe.

How Transport Debt Collection Firms Works for You

When you hire a proper freight debt collection agency, they take the necessary steps to collect the debt that is owed. The first step is the transport collection agency will gather all the information from you about the debt that is owed and the broker who owes it. The information will serve as a basis for how the transport collection agency will approach the debtor and what tactics may work best in having them pay the debt.

Next, they will set out to collect the debt using all legal means at their disposal. This means using trained professionals who have years of experience in collecting debt from freight brokers. They work tirelessly to collect the debt, so you can get paid for the work you have performed. This relentless attitude leads to their success rate in collecting what is owed, so clients like you can receive what is deserved.

You can hire a freight debt collection agency by paying a flat fee or having them take a percentage of the debt that is collected. While it is understandable that you may resist having to pay more to get back what is owed to you, consider the alternative of not getting any of the debt collected at all. At least getting back most of your money is better than nothing. Plus, there are strong advantages to hiring a proper debt collection firm.

Why Choose Freight Collections?

There are good reasons why you should consider calling a firm specializing in debt collection for freight, especially when it appears that you will not be getting the debt paid back soon.

Speed: Because the professionals who work for freight debt collection agencies have years of experience, they understand which techniques work best in getting the debt collected. On average, hiring a debt collection agency that specializes in freight means getting your money back quicker compared to doing the work yourself.

For many, the speed in which a transport debt collection agency works is the main reason why they hire them to do the job. By getting the cash into your hands faster, you can cover potential shortfalls in your profits and bolster your business thanks to the collection process.

Legal Methods: What many owners do not realize when trying to collect debt is the myriad of local, state, and federal laws which cover the proper methods of debt collection. If you make one mistake and break a rule or regulation that is set in place, you may find yourself in court on the wrong end of a lawsuit. By hiring a transport debt collection firm, they stay on the right side of the law while continuing in their efforts to collect the debt.

Ease: Perhaps the best reason why you should hire a freight debt collection agency is that you can spend your time on your business and not chasing down brokers who have not paid what is owed. When you think about it, every minute you spend on the phone chasing down a debt is a minute that could be spent building up your business. So, you can minimize the impact of the debt by hiring an agency to do the work in collecting it while you go about your business.

Keep in mind that it’s not only the debt that is putting a hole in your revenues, it is the time and effort spent in collecting the debt that adds more to your money issues. By turning the job over to the trained professionals, you are saving yourself a considerable amount in the pursuit of the debt.

There are few things as annoying in the freight business as a broker refusing to pay, but freight deadbeats do not have to slow down your operations when you hire the right freight debt collection company. Do not waste another minute on a broker not paying drivers and instead call the professionals who have the knowledge, experience, and know-how to get your debt collected.

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