Broker not paying

Broker not paying? We can help

Broker not paying or holding up the money evolves into a complex problem and this has been frequently arising in the trucking industry.  You may have hired a bad broker who has a poor credit score or the broker could be an imposter. What should you do now? If your doubts about the middleman or broker’s honesty have come true, we got your back.

As a carrier, you may be under the impression that your reputation will be ravaged if you file charges or escalate the issue. That is not true. You have every right to accuse the bad broker of the scam and you must put in your efforts to retrieve the money. However, if your work keeps you too busy, you will hardly have the time to deal with a critical situation such as this.

This is where professional trucking debt collector services come in. At Silver Shield Capital, we have a versatile team of employees who have a profound knowledge about the laws and regulations of freight debt cases. Our comprehensive range of services includes logistics debt collection, freight debt collection, trucker debt collection.

What are our solutions and how do we assure a high success rate?

  • Brilliant team- Silver Shield Capital employs only the best experts and leading freight debt collector specialists. We develop several strategies and methodical ways by which we can get a hand on the broker not paying. Our experience and proficiency help us notice the tiniest detail which may seem unimportant to inexperienced individuals. After a deep analysis and speculation of the situation, we figure out the best ways which can get the money back.


  • Excellent approach- It is important to understand why the broker is refusing to pay the money. Whether it is due to financial crisis, dishonesty, or some other reason, needs to be understood. This requires an extensive study of the broker’s background, credit score, and past activities. Therefore, we focus on this aspect and it takes us closer to the answer.


  • Customized freight debt recovery solutions- Our constructive solutions are customized and the requirements of our clients are given the maximum priority. Whether you want to sue the broker, file charges or simply give a warning is up to you. We steer all our efforts to recovering the debt and handing you over the owed money.

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