Freight debt collections

Freight debt collections. Silver Shield Capital can help.

Being armed with a quality broker can enhance the quality of your arsenal but at the same time, an unscrupulous broker can bring you down. Despite the laws and bonds that protect the freight service vendor and broker relationship, thousands of transportation businesses run at a loss due to shady brokers who run away with the profits. Silver Shield Capital has the best freight debt collections so put an end to this by availing professional services that will not only get you your money back that you rightfully deserve, but also make it an end-game for the unethical brokers.

Silver Shield Capital is on your side

Silver Shield Capital is one such company that provides versatile solutions to all brokerage related issues faced by transportation companies. Our range of services entail freight debt collections, truck debt collections, transport debt collections or logistics debt collections and much more, including customized solutions. Once you hire our expertise, you can rest the matter on our more than capable hands. We will assuredly deliver the results as promised with the aid of our experience, knowledge, expertise in a methodical and result oriented approach.

Your problem may seem too critical and complex for reaching a solution. But to us, it is not. We have dealt with several cases and have gathered the required know how and skills to deal with them competently and professionally. We, Silver Shield Capital, are on your side and we will do our best to help you.

Here are some tips tan our experts have gathered that will assist you in selecting the right broker. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, on following these tips, you can avoid unwanted situations.

  • Ensure that your broker is licensed and authorized under FMCSA.


  • Do not trust your freight or load broker easily. A good and respectable broker will verify the safety ratings of the carrier and check the insurance coverage.


  • Make a written contract with your broker that both parties should agree to.


  • Find out how responsive your freight broker is and if the person is financially stable to make the required payment to the carrier. Brokers who are financially solvent should be preferred over those who have financial crisis.


  • Find out how experienced the broker is and how long he has been in the business. Hire a broker who is experienced.

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